Does it want washing or not? Does it iron? What do the symbols on clothing labels mean?

How many times have you opened the washing machine and seen your favorite dress with faded colors, a size smaller or frayed fibers? The symbols on the labels look like Chinese so you don’t even bother to read them?

We translate here the symbols you find on the labels of your clothes and it is necessary to know so that washing turns from a risk of eventual destruction into a rite of care!

We always follow the instructions on the garment label. If the garment or part of it does not withstand the cleaning indicated on its label, the manufacturer is solely responsible.

If the garment does not have a label with cleaning instructions, then it is considered that dry cleaning with the usual cleaning liquids as approved by the Greek state is indicated.

Additional materials present in the clothes (buttons, buckles, sequins, plastic decorations, etc.) can make cleaning difficult or even cause problems despite the instructions on the labels which usually only concern the fabric.

At Attiko we protect you and inform you in advance of any such possibility…


When your clothes are a set (suit, skirt, etc.) it is good to clean them together, even if they are not the same, so as to avoid any differences in the tone of the color.

Use of Bleach

bleach 1

Bleach is allowed

Bleach is prohibited


dry clean 1

Dry cleaning (with perchlorethylene).

dry clean P

Dry cleaning. The other letters and/or the line below the circle are for dry cleaning.


ironing 1

Warm iron (no steam) Acrylics, nylon, polyester

ironing 2

Medium iron - Polyester melange, woolen

Hot iron - Cotton, Linen, Viscose

ironing none

Do not iron


machine wash icon

Cotton (high temperature)

Synthetics (medium temperature)

machine wash g d icon

Wool (low temperature)

Hand wash (40°C maximum)


Do not tumble dry

tumble dry

Tumble dry allowed (on medium heat)

tumble dry low

Tumble dry allowed (at medium temperature)

tumble dry normal

Tumble drying is allowed

dry flat icon

Dry on a flat surface

Hang dry